Jan 23, 2010

be compassionate with your time

I would like to hear something I've never heard before- but I can't go looking for it. I would like to see a place I've never seen but I can't go searching for it. January, I guess, is just a time for biding time and posing questions. It also seems like a time for quick decay, because every word, thought or idea seems to dissolve as soon as it exits the mind. They don't linger like I need them to- in order to move them around and arrange them into something cohesive. Nothing is leading into anything else, everything is self-contained. And that just doesn't work for me. C'mon March- and freedom. 

I will not fight the season but I will try to ride it a little more gracefully. That is my promise to you, January. Febuary, I make no promises. 

On the positive side, I can say that I have been honest with my words, which may explain the quick decay. It's amazing how many opinions I used to back down on just because I wasn't as loud. Maybe January can also be for agreeing to disagree and forgiving. I mean forgiveness in the small sense especially right now- forgiveness of the slightly awkward, strange, inappropriate, slow, dumb, snobbish or biting. I believe that I used to jump at every slight turn but that it really gets us nowhere to do so. The people I really like being around right now understand this or are also trying. 

Now, if I can only escape the Death Star and get back to the studio. The Death Star sure has great health insurance.

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