Sep 30, 2008


<----'Portal', by me.

Le sigh. Every so often I stumble on an artist who has done something I not only think is interesting and enjoy- but is doing something with a material that I could see myself doing. This is a strange experience. I guess this Friday I'll see this woman's work in person and can actually talk about it:


Big differences, sure. My work isn't as polished- a quality necessary for the weirdo humor it carries with it. This work is also further removed from painting, although she's totally one of those painters who just happens to work with 3D materials. Not a negative, just an observation.

And, of course...the title of her show here in Richmond is SEDUCTIONS which is TOTALLY a word I played up in a recent proposal to a gallery down the street. Lucky for me, SEDUCTION is only half the battle. Lunacy, the other??

I am quite literally, talking to myself. Despite prejudices, I really have no problem with this fact.

Sep 29, 2008

The Magic Christian

Now is a good time to watch this movie.
It's taking every ounce of strength not to go into a diatribe about the failed bailout plan and Kennedy's tv show, "Friend or Foe".

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

For your health and wellbeing:
Make some tea. Put on a Ravi Shankar record. I will be running on a platform of running, it seems. Escapism '08!

Sep 28, 2008

Barack Obama in Fredericksburg

With great speaking ability (ahem, power) comes great responsibility. I agree with a person who recently told me that discussions about politics start to sound like religion. They can. These issues make us emotional, especially after 8 years of the Bush administration.

Political discussions are also a lot like alcohol consumption.

"Please use responsibly"

Obama is the have-a-beer-with-dinner to McCain's sloppy-drunk and Bush's puke-on-your-shoe-wake-up-in-the-ditch-covered-in-dog-pee.

On Saturday, I saw this speech:

I don't expect the man to fix it a day. I do trust him to make the right choices every step of the way, choices that reflect an America that has always existed in my brain.

Addictive Properties

I caved. I now have a blog. The news, the political situation and my own personal searches (jobs and art) have kept me so stuck to the internet that you'd think it was a drug.'s time for a little personal oasis that hopefully will prove to be the same for others, over time.