Nov 24, 2009

Jessica Stockholder


Here's one image to get you going. I like that she doesn't let people back her into a "junk art" corner and that she's not ashamed of formalism. And that her work seems like it's mad as a hatter but it has such an inner strength/logic that it almost laughs at you if you think, dismissively, "eh, mad as a hatter". It's going to start following you around, forming little clusters in your own home......

Nov 21, 2009

Bombastic Fantastic

Just got done writing new artist's statement. It's a delicate balance between sounding like a goober and totally not getting your point across. I have to stop myself from getting sucked into the writing and making some huge arc in my explanation. I always think, "this time I got it just right, more direct and too the point" and then I come back later and read it. Yeesh. It's not that I ever get it wrong, per se...I just always want to roll my eyes at the language just a little. First sentence from my last one:

My paintings are born out of the friction between the epic and the absurd, the

grand and the mundane.

new one:

Through abstraction, I bring dimension to impossible combinations of color and form.

I really do just have to breathe a little before I write and not try to cram it all in one sentence. "Born out of the friction" can you fight a phrase like that when it comes to you? for real though...nobody gets to use epic, grand, absurd and mundane in the first sentence of their artist's statement. Nobody.

Nov 7, 2009


1. Radical Light.

2. In-deep color. 

3. Weirdo sub-reality, sub-consciousness forms.

4. (or maybe =) The possibility for infinite engagement.

What the hell else is so important???