Oct 12, 2008


Can we go ahead and vote already??? The longer this thing drags on, the more insane I will become. You know, I've heard peers say 'you can't trust either candidate' or 'they're really the same'. Now, I don't see that as much in this election as in 2004, but it's certainly there. It's not their fault! Have you seen McCain squirm lately? He hates what his campaign is forcing him to say. Both candidates have been trimmed down so much that they appear similar. I hate that Obama is forced to denounce his pastor and spend time explaining his connection to Bill Ayres. Everything that is particular to the character of each man has been removed or distorted. The hype takes over and we suddenly look at our politicians the same way we look at Britney Spears.

They are statesmen. Statesmen!

Can we vote already??

Don't let America whitewash you. 'Radical' in the USA is like 'Thursday' in the EU. We are acting like an adolescent country, picking away at tiny unimportant things while the bigger picture is escaping us. We might be failing math class but all we can talk about is what a big slut Melissa is and how she's totally not a natural blonde.

Shake it off, America.

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